Goats in da House – why are you here?

The photo accompanying this post provokes immediate laughter from at least three people on the planet. During a recent voyage to east Texas, in search of family gravesites and previously unknown relatives, my sis, nephew, and moi happened to catch the squatters chilling inside, avoiding scattered showers in a small, forgotten Texas town. I don’t remember where we saw the goats, and can’t pinpoint other details like time-of-day. Yet, this is a persistent, successful memory from the trip.

Soon we will depart for Yellowstone, Mesa Verde, and a much-anticipated rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Canyon. While visions of stunning vistas, encounters with rare wildlife, and other such information will surely find their way onto these pages, so will the “Goats in da House” experiences.

Goats in da House - Texas 2015
Goats in da House – Texas 2015

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Colorado native, Father, Grandfather, Tio, Stroke Survivor, Educated but still learning.

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